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Okay lets try this,!
PGL Trophy
I got silver, 10 from gold sadly
I r8 your game taste
1. Witcher 3 game of the year edition 2. Life is Strange 3. Dark Souls III
I have silver atleast :D
Your pick'em points?
I have 60, possible 67 if Gambit wins =)
Binary Dragons vs Misfits
Will be ez Binary Dragons!
Swiss ruined Majors
"look at the legend teams" and mention G2 xDDDD Na'Vi is crap and have been crap since Zeus got kicked nothing with swiss format. Faze did not perform as expected they even lost to Flipsid3 nothing wi...
Pickem Predictions
How the fuck can SK meet North in semifinal when they are not on the same side of the bracket also North lost to VP in your prediction xD Genius! My guess is Gambit, vs SK semi and BIG vs VP and in ...
I'll send a gift for everyone who comments here
F3 Fix
little is a awper and waylander is a rifler and aslong as Worldedit is in the team they will not get a second main awper
-NRG +Misfits
Well Astralis have only themself to blame losing 0-2 in matches vs Envy, would be enough to win one of those two, but they lost both not even VP lost 0-2 to Envy and VP are shit online and lately.
Most enjoyable team to watch
I actually have a lot of enjoyable teams to watch atm. Faze, the individual skill of this team is insane and the team chemistry is coming along more and more. Gambit since Zeus joined this team,...
IEM Sydney
1. Astralis 2. SK 3-4. Faze 3-4. North
If NIP...
Np NiP magic will appear and friberg will carry! (noooooot)
VG.Renascence vs MVP PK
Ez for Koreans! Zeff will carry