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AGO vs Spirit
Agreed, wasn't the best play when he could of played passive. He just assumed he could catch toao out of position after the AWP shot, didn't expect toao to take cover behind the corner for a moment....
AGO vs Spirit
Don't blame Spirit Toao is just cheating
Misfits vs Space Soldiers
Time to retire seangares
Rise Nation vs GX
Lol @ expecting a team with Ask to not be shit. They'll never be a pro team (no, MDL doesn't count)
Ghost Academy vs SoaR
Didn't know gaben was on a semi-pro CS team
eXtatus vs AGO
Yea fair enough in that regard =o
eXtatus vs AGO
Different situation, immortals were blatantly not giving a shit.
TyLoo vs MVP PK
Lmao don't think anybody is a mvp fanboy, just people with nothing better to do but bet
B.O.O.T-d[S] vs 5POWER
Only thing you can do is skip these games in the future, and not feed the match fixing :/
mousesports vs Vega Squadron
Mouse should keep adding ringers... 1 for chrisJ 1 for ropz 1 for styko 1 for sunny Mouse might be good then
mousesports vs Vega Squadron
Not going to watch any of this shit tournament as long as they keep allowing teams unlimited new ringers.
Spirit vs Espada
GJ wasting everyone's time after crying like bitches, Espada. You lost + made a legitimately better team not make it to the finals.
Spirit vs Espada
Espada just mad they couldn't get bets in against themselves before losing to the polacks
Spirit vs Espada
Says disqualified, maybe they refused to use the recording software due to lag.... Nothing said about them cheating as far as I know
Spirit vs AVANGAR
I miss the days when Davcost cheated as an underdog, now he's just bad