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Kinguin vs Fragsters
No surprise they're throwing when they have a nigger on the team
mousesports vs SK
SK fans watching Mouse win a round:
BOOOO-ing isn`t disrespectful
I don't see a problem with xenophobia if it's towards a group that considers insulting and disrespecting foreigners a "natural" thing, the world would be better without your type tbh
sk cheating with crowd
Probably saw him on the street and felt bad for him, gave him a nice cozy cage at the Zoo (with internet)
BIG vs Liquid
"best ESEA player for 8 months" Lmfao
sk cheating with crowd
I don't think he's mad, he's probably very happy he doesn't live in a Zoo like you
BOOOO-ing isn`t disrespectful
That's one of many reasons why Brazil is a shit poverty country, because you continue to act like animals. Try looking at what better countries do before you consider it good or "natural" Monkeys
BOOOO-ing isn`t disrespectful
Brazil is such shit They did the same shit in the Olympics Monkeys should be in the zoo not watching competitions
Gambit vs EnVyUs Academy
Nice earrings gay boy
MDL Jammers vs Swole Patrol
smh freakazoid, from playing for c9 to throwing mdl matches
Bravado vs Dignitas
Well how do you think Bravado is paying for their North American trip? Throw unimportant matches, win important ones (like minor qualification)
Spirit vs ENCE
Preeeeetttty good team
Movistar Riders vs Vexed
I wonder if truth would tell us the truth if they're a man or woman
Sweden is the best country
Any countries that end in "stan" are shit, including Swedistan
subtLe vs XFORCE
Lol I wonder if dazed pictured this as his future in esports Thank God he's not commentating matches for ESEA like he did