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Sexiest P0rnStaR
Ashley Anderson, Alix Lynx - thank me later
similar porn star?
Jessica Jaymes.
North vs Virtus.pro
This A defense is just joke... whole mid open, no one watching.. just free road to bs..
kNg is insane
i can't handle this guy... so anoying... he should performing in zoo
kNg is insane
he behave like monkey...
Fnatic Roster Change
i wish to see twist in better team than Godsent. This guy is talented and deserve better team
pansy and blu.. kappa
dennis fucking bad
You can't say about him "best player" when he underperforming in most important matches... As i said he was bad not only in this quarterfinal but even in their game vs Navi he did same crucial mistake...
och please... they need igl but hooch is mr.nobody....he didn't won anything and he was the problem in Gambit. They need Zeus/Angel/Blade.
dennis fucking bad
im rating his last performances... last 3 or 4 maps he was really really bad.. and it's fact...
dennis fucking bad
This time he couldn't even hit anything with pistols... guy who is known as pistol god had 0 impact... Fnatic lost all four pistol rounds btw
dennis fucking bad
atm he is total garbage...he lost this game
dennis fucking bad
totally agree... he did same mistakes against NaVi but fnatic somehow were managed to win.
- Dennis - Flusha
It's serious problem for fnatic becouse indeed dennis playing really bad... im not talking about scores but his gameplay... he dying always as first becouse of stupid picks....
NaVi FACT about roster
Zeus is not going back after backstab... They need good IGL, so other option is Blade - he is very bad at fragging but Navi has enough fire power to balance it.