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best anime song
[18+] hot girl pics/gifs collection #3
no its not, she even made a video about people calling her a trap.
s1mple esports player of the year nominee
Abyss, brazillians tend to confuse with abism cause in portuguese is "abismo".
Making a Real French Super Team (Whats Your Opinion?)
Shox IGL is the worst thing that happened to the French scene.
Top 15 teams rn
They “just” beat the currently n° 1 team two times in a row in BO3’s.
Niko in Navi= Major!
I agree that s1mple is individually better than those players, but the original argument is "And you think Edward, Zeus and Flamie is better? OMEGALUL", which has nothing to do with s1mple.
Niko in Navi= Major!
s1mple is better than all players in liquid and ence, even than Astralis, but what does that have anything to do with making Edward, Zeus and Flamie better than NaVi and Liquid? There is no argument t...
FURIA vs Variance
thanks for informing, and yes it's sad people can't see those games.
FURIA vs Variance
If LG beats ENVY
they got invited after rogue dropped, Furia got invited before but declined to play DH Rio.
If LG beats ENVY
MIBR suspicious matchfix?
what? he is not saying it is, and this situation actually is pretty close to rock paper scissors, cause LG>MIBR>C9>LG, just like PAPER>ROCK>SCISSORS>PAPER.
If LG beats ENVY
where can I read ESL rules? this looks too confusing, people are saying different things all the time.