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New French team
that would be a good team scream also deserves a spot in one of the french teams
let's see, that's not what I'm hoping for :P
tbh never expected that from BIT amazing plays with that awp!
Portuguse brothers come here
Portuguse brothers come here
if you are really turkish, maybe you didn't like it cuz the crowd was against HR but that's basically what happens in every other tournament when any brazilian team is playing. indeed it was a small...
BIG vs Não Tem Como
i7 7700K 4.8ghz+gtx 1060 FPS INGAME??
ive got the same CPU and GPU and I get 400+ fps most of the time. make sure xbox dvr and nvidia shadowplay are disabled there's also a guide to tweak the fps that's helpful: https://steamcommunity...
if all u wanna do is complain, then keep doing it. U should spend ur time and energy to get better at the game - that would actually make a difference for yourself
if you're a LE deranked from Supreme I wouldn't complain about Smurfs but focus on doing ur best to beat them. If you were anything below DMG then you would have a hard time playing against smurfs. ...
Exactly right in the middle of the major when he is supposed to be "working" he quotes kNg's tweet just to create more buzz about something that he had nothing to do with. If he was good at what he d...
wheres #3 hltv
yep, maybe they release in the usual time now
wheres #3 hltv
they changed that since the major qualifier started
ferGOD definitely top1 banter -
i7 7700+GTX 1070 frame drops in CS GO
have you disabled Xbox Game DVR & nvidia shadowplay ? I have a desktop with I7-7700k + 1060 6gb + 8gb ram and get from 600 to 250 fps, never drops below 250 on new maps like inferno/d2. I use low vid...
Russia toxic
i know some cool russians, but most of times when u get them in your team u know it's gonna be a throw