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NRG, but vs who...?
NRG vs Envy
NRG vs maybe Envy?
Envy vs TeamOne
Yeah, but they didn't? Why are you even here? To write shitty comments or watch cs?
your countries rap
Some other BG song: :D Also this is again 1 from the 2 singers from SkandaU, this is his most popular song, whcih is solo and it is from 2018. https://www.y...
your countries rap
Thank you, did you watch the songs' subs tho? I am sure the first three have. The thing is that the first 3 songs from SkandaU are more like R and B, and not that much rap. The third one is, but I don...
im so fkn done with sweden
You guys, you think you are "Great". You guys, France, Germany, but you are fucking shits man. You all. You are not different from us. On the New Year's Eve do you know what I saw in Bulgaria around 0...
im so fkn done with sweden
The ONLY thing I can tell you is that you are listening to what your TV's says and nothing else. Do you know how many times have I argued about his in That Bulgaria is not a gypsy country. W...
im so fkn done with sweden
Around 500 years we were "ruled" by the Ottoman empere and what? He have saved our religion, we have fought vs them to have what we have today. And no Hungarians have ever ruled us or anything. You be...
im so fkn done with sweden
It isn't actually, you oppinion does not matter to me tho :)
im so fkn done with sweden
Because you hate your own country or what?
your countries rap
This one is quite good from one Bulgarian band named SkandaU! You can also set English subs if you want! Enjoy! :) Some other cool songs by them, don't forg...
jdm :/ sad truth
nitr0 is their IGL and he is still averaging 1.10/ 1.12 rating 2.0 . What do you mean bro?
r8 russian twitch girl
Don't really understand why tho. People are being so critic. Most of the times I have seen people on Hltv rate girls the max is just 9/10 and it happens so rarely. So cringy guys all around here. I wo...
NRG vs Bravado
On which site do you bet?
#1 2019?
I hope so, but I think we have chance to do it in 2020 top 20, firstly he needs to go to better international team if you ask me. Don't get me wrong WIndigo is a great team for him right now, but when...