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Match streams
And kaze too btw!
xD made me laugh a little bit :D
CIS major
Maybe Renegades and TYLOO too, also I wouldn't be that surprised if ViCi manages to quality for the Major too. After all you can see that we are getting a lot of upsets so far. Fnatic are 0-2 now and ...
Zeus replacement
Jame, he is an IGL player too.
He is a great player and really deserves it!
I like both teams, but my gut feeling says that TYLOO and especially Summer are going to win this!
flusha !!!
And now that fnatic are 0-2, they might come back, who knows. I am not their hater I just felt like sharing this with you guys! :D
Match streams
Yes, this is kinda true, but I am 100% sure that Cloud9 and TYLOO are going to put an insane fight. The sad thing is that I will be going to sleep any minute, so I won't be able to watch this game, no...
Pasha lmao
Indeed it is, actually I had never watched his stream before for more than 2 minutes and now I listened it from the beginning and almost till the end. The guy is a born legit comedian :D
Pasha lmao
Pasha lmao
For what?
Winstrike vs NRG
The rosters are different now what are you even talking about?
Winstrike vs NRG
The fucked up the last minor in 2018. They managed to beat most of the NA teams like coL and many other, but struggled against them in the minor.. But it is 2 teams qualifying and total they are 8, so...
Winstrike vs NRG
Hunger games*
Liquid @ IEM
What do you mean? He helped them a lot LMAO. You must be crazy, yeah, he didn't have the best stats but he helped them for sure!