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"monkeys" grow up hltv
Steel is an amazing player and seems to be a really nice guy aswell. If the rest of the brazilian community would behave like him, way fewer people would be biased against Brazil. Unfortunately, the r...
Spartak vs teamasd
Twiksar so fucking bad on Inferno
Its way too cold in Finland for any spanish person to ever set foot there.
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Playing Ducks
You are right, I looked it up and it wasn't actually Marky who stole the laptop. Nevertheless he still is a cunt and there is video and audio evidence of him cheating and matchfixing! DanM is a compl...
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Playing Ducks
He stole an ESL laptop at a LAN event some years ago and got caught on camera. Now he is lifetimebanned from their events and had to give it back.
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Playing Ducks
Who knew that the fat pig Marky who steals ESL Laptops would play!
Ask any match.i giv analyse
Binary Dragons vs Alpha
HoP vs Sensei
Where is Barcode???
Jonathan E. pls ban me. This comment makes me want to never use HLTV again.
The problem is that you don't accept the point of view of non-vegans as legitimate. Getting called "barbaric, insane, unhealthy etc." is not helping me "learn" about veganism, you are just trying to...
Tens of billions of chicken only get born because there are humans willing to eat them. Thats a fact. I have several chickens myself which would not have been born if it wasnt for my desire to eat eg...
So what? Mankind does that since 8000 years, its natural that i eat those eggs. When eating vegetables you rob the plant of their means to reproduce, why is that normal, but eating the natural byprod...
So you are basically saying that a large portion of the worlds population are insane because they eat animal produce? You are privileged that you have access to vegan food without lacking nutritients...
I own a chicken shed, they lay one egg each day and their lives are pretty nice. Since there is no male chicken the eggs are not impregnated. Nobody is suffering when I eat those eggs imo, so why shou...
Addicted to gaming
15 hours per week is casual gaming at best. Probably 95% of HLTV users play more than you.