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$300 in skins
Rule 1 : You can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent. Rule 2 : The more sophisticated the game - the more sophisticated the opponent. If the opponent is very good, he will place his victim...
Broke up with my girlfriend
hltv user have girlfriend pick one
You either do what's right or do what's best for business In his situation it's obviously better to choose the latter
Betting Sites
csesport, fanobet,, csgopositive, vpgame, csgofast tons of them
[18+] Girl Past Matter?
to get stds? no thanks
"no miracle plays to save games or rounds" you certainly haven't seen Eleague and Katowice grand finals
more like how can someone be baiting so obviously at this point
busted quickly
Alcohol is for losers
Yeah, there is not much harm drinking a bit with friends and girls once a couple of months Out bodies are falling apart anyway as time flies so it's about how you're gonna spend that time, it's abou...
Alcohol is for losers
of course it's depressive when you don't fucking do anything there lmfao
Alcohol is for losers
I know it's a bait but how much can you know about yourself if you've never been drunk? Life starts only when you let go of everything and get fucked up like no tomorrow! Until that - you are useles...
rain gf WTF?!
women are sad
Yeah I just don't understand how the fuck can you pay to see girls JUST PLAY A FUCKING VIDEO GAME wearing hot clothes when you can see them being fucked on pornsites FOR FREE. And I'm not even talking...
gf of felps and fer
pornstar type of girl beautiful pick one
I guess your penis size
you must be an expert in this =DDD