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ur username reason
My initials and the uniform number I had when I played baseball.
Good/bad about update
"only" 3 drops is as many as I've gotten from Cluj, MLG, Cologne 2016, both Eleague majors, PGL, and Faceit combined.
Which foreign countries have you been to?
Canada Spain France Netherlands Belgium (just passed through on a train, didn't actually do anything there)
Is climate change fake?
It is a natural cycle (it's why we had ice ages in the past), but human activity is speeding it up a lot and making the changes a lot more extreme.
I rate your favorite band
Motorhead Metallica Accept Megadeth Pantera
iPhone overrated?
I don't necessarily hate the phone itself, I just hate the OS.
iPhone overrated?
Very overrated. I have a 6S right now and as soon as it dies I'm switching to Android.
worst pro nickname?
Most of the names in the Chinese "scene". 3 333ed2k sPiNacH 813 gas Gn s550 0i c2h xb 4314 ye9 YY yzl1 9/S/ z8z https://www.hltv.org/events/3169/wesg-2017-china-finals https://www.hltv.org/events/24...
Iphone haters
I have an iPhone now, and I chose Apple because I wanted to be able to transfer stuff over from my old iPod Touch easily. Every update makes it worse, and I don't plan on ever owning another iPhone af...
[+18] Largest pro dong (nohomo)
Your favourite sport moment!
If entire games count, then this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZdlcTp56Hk If not, then probably this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI8uH4_pzeo
Girls in cs
CLG Red was in the DH Masters Las Vegas qualifier 2 years ago. https://www.hltv.org/matches/2307469/renegades-vs-clg-red-dreamhack-masters-las-vegas-2017-north-america-closed-qualifier
hottest PRO girl
Favorite Metallica album?
I really can't choose between any of the first 5.
Biggest Pee pee in pro cs????
Pretty sure it's Dosia. Who else could it be?