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passwords for some good porn sites?
beeg.com , cumlouder , and porn00.org - is all you need .. all high quality
rate my best friend's mother
MiLF'ish... clearly 8/10...
right prediction = 5$ skin
so, you just took all favorites... :) nice
Players that deserve better team
Envyus is a decent team, and they dont perform better,, cant see which team they deserve to go to ??? none of them stand out every game...
19 days nofap. Should I fap today?
You are from Poland...? just buy one...
football logic
well, one of those days..... https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-2386a1fcd7f6c6364951b8414ea6632d-c but i guess that is the beauty in sports.. ;)
Day 1 Predictions
Predictions?! you just named all the favorites ?!
no stream ? :(
ROG friberg vs ROG Pimp
Friberg, played with all from that team... but nice try...
ez throw eclipse
its not really a throw, when the favorite wins a game ?
Flash vs Eclipse
why didnt you just bet at the same as him, then ???
R8 Grill !!!
10/10.. ? for real, ? well, in Ukraine you might not have the best opportunities for meeting beautiful girls.. xD She is like... 3 or 4, / 10... for real..
Do u like ur country?
Denmark, happiest country in the world... yea i like it.. If anything, the weather could be 1% better... :P But snow at christmas, is great though..
Mousepad stuff
5-7 years old, and never cleaned... yea, its dirty... Doesnt mean you cant use it, obviously
$341 on FaZe vs fnatic
I picked FaZe odds 1.33.... Free money, Easy.. Low odds, just raise risk...