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Bedtime routine
Well if you have a hard time falling asleep in your bed and arent like having your thoughts all over the place, I would definatly recommend staying away from your phone and computers for atleast an ho...
i just broke up with my gf
New Operation date. (Giveaway)
17 August
(18+) Biggest sex u haved?
Sori i do not understand. First time using internet.
(18+) Biggest sex u haved?
What do you mean with ur question? The max weight that the girl i have had sex with were?
How much you weigh?
Not joking, had a rough breakup in early march and decided to actually start to care about my body and health. Haven't eaten any candy or sweets since and been hitting the gym and running every now an...
Prices in your country
Really depends on where you buy it here Petrol around 1,6€/l Cigarettes around 5-7€ Beer at the store 1-2€ at PUB 6-9€ Vodka at store 24€ ish for 70CL Apples around 2€/Kg Bananas around 2-3€/Kg Meat ...
How much you weigh?
192cm, 95kg Working myself down from being 115kg in the beginning of march
BEST Cigarettes
Does Marlboro gold cost over 10 pounds in the UK?!
shit fps with panorama
Had it locked on 300 and its still 300
What animal is top1 in fight?
7-1 was in semifinal
WC Quater-Finals
How is that even relevant to the discussion? Got no better arguments than that?
WC Quater-Finals
WC Quater-Finals
Please, its an english forum. Translation " Shut the fuck up and stop getting in other people business" Answer: ITS A FUCKING DISCUSSION FORUM, GETTING INTO YOUR BUSINESS IS BASICALLY WHAT YOU WANT FR...