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Kebab or Doner
pita gyros in Plakias, Crete, Greece
hottest cs pros
We should ask their boyfriends what's their top 5 from the above
Looking for car need help
I would recommend 3.0 i 272HP engine in e92 but it's probably above your financial maximum
VP never change players
so they are still higher than taz neo and pasha
[+15] R8 GIRL'S ASS
5 ft tall and feets size 11. I guess she has beard and is a full time hobbit
best drinks %%%
It is great. But it needs to be swallowed like a shot. Don't try to sip it cause it's not gonna be fun. The point of this drink is that first it's hot cause of vodka. Then raspberry syrup makes it ...
best drinks %%%
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK3lt_802aQ Raspberry syrup vodka tabasco You can fuck her while she pukes %)
respect to VP
They really played amazingly today. It was great game to watch. Top level from both sides. Neo did some unbelieveable plays. It's hard to believe that this team was such shit two weeks ago. Can't re...
The best final ever?
So you are still going to watch cache
need a tv show to watch
awesome. especially US version
Ideas for new VP?
Not crazy but I like the way he plays. He doesn't shine but he is a solid player. Not making stupid mistakes like pasha (but also not as brilliant as snax for example)
Virtus.pro vs Gambit
Not impossible i would say
Ideas for new VP?
Guardian Snax byali innocent some igl (toao, hyper - probably not gonna happen due to snax-hyper beef, maybe neo )
If you watched this game carefully (especially mirage) you did see that they still play like other teams in 2014. one on one, no flash no smoke no position advantage. Nobody plays like this in 2017. I...
VP finally back
5:1 ----> 5:16 That is something you don't see too often.