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Russia vs AGO
Tatar is very popular dish from raw beef meat. Poles like it alot
VP fix 90%.
If you are not in your peak you don't get money. It's easy as that. There were more recognizable athletes in other sports that had to fade because poor form. There are no People who can't be replaced ...
VP fix 90%.
If you talk about VP organisation I disagree If you talk about lineup then it's true
VP fix 90%.
Tell that to TaZ. He is the most recognizable name in cs history and now playing in shitguin for less than half of his earlier salary. People who pays money doesn't care less who you were or how many...
VP fix 90%.
They are closer to tier1 than VP to tier3 Next hltv update VP out of top20
fnatic gang
Lul Andorra - a place where incest sex is allowed just to maintain population level in this village-alike country
VP fix 90%.
Why would furlan leave tier 1-2 team which plays with the best teams on ESL pro league to play with tier5 players in some amateur third world leagues and tournaments ? If vp doesn't start winning th...
Sprout vs PRIDE
Timo 'Spiidi' Richter Tomasz 'ToM223' Richter Brothers ?
Not enough asphalt because it migrates to sweden directly from syria
VP time to disband
Neo is constant average player. They need to kick pasha because he is good when they play bad and he is awful when others step up. Cobblestone lose is his fault.
TAZ joins Team Kinguin
How sick was he ? What did the doctor say ?
New Kinguin
So the conclusion is that there are no good players except fox and some wannabe noname players who can play decoy role in a team made out of portugal players only. This conversation is pointless
New Kinguin
So you agree that there was noone to choose from in portugal except fox
New Kinguin
He played with sk as stand-in and did better than others so your argument is invalid
New Kinguin
never heard of any of those