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s1mple after major?
He is going to VP and byali will go to Navi
if i were VP ceo
They don't need compensation if they don't work. Obviously they don't work because they don't have even mediocre results
polish people come here
Perfect example that even you can't understand shit you wrote earlier.
polish people come here
"Why is act like...." That's why they don't speak to you. Because they can't understand you Mustafa Schweinsteiger
Virtus. ?
This guy looks like a dried branch of a christmas tree. Get this man a proper meal or atleast make him wear some clothes
byali and fans!
lol ? maybe in fucking podlasie but in the rest of Poland it means lose
Neo was best vp player throughout the entire game
Asian girls
turk women not only have boobs they also have moustaches
Yeah I think so too. They will just kick others in some time
U need to make alot of blow jobs to get the first prize in beauty contest with face like this
tell that to TaZ. Was he adopted ?
Why would snatchie and furlan leave AGO for a worse team ? AGO is almost at their peak. They play better and better and all of them are on fire right now. VP is bad for almost one and a half year no...
AGO cocky
Ago just proved that when AWPer is on fire then team is performing well. That's why VP is not getting wins because they don't make advantages by AWP. Even though Pasha is not that bad in team he just...
Heroic vs
Why would anyone ban cache and inferno against VP ? VP at the moment is decent only on Train but they suck on all other maps in pool