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GoldenGitte vs Jordan's Money Crew
+26.5 Ez bet
G2 vs mousesports
G2 From 9-2 to 9-6 to 9-9
Sprout vs HellRaisers
Lost vs eco Lose 1vs1 Choose one > throw handicap > win game
Space Soldiers vs NiP
Round over - Winner: CT (15-8) - Enemy eliminated dennis killed ngiN with famas (headshot) ngiN killed REZ with ak47 f0rest killed XANTARES with ak47 (headshot) XANTARES killed Lekr0 with ak47 (headsh...
x-kom vs Red Reserve
Round over - Winner: T (10-10) - Enemy eliminated Goofy killed Radifaction with ak47 (headshot) Radifaction killed Patitek with famas Patitek killed hampus with ak47 Patitek killed Brollan with ak47 (...
x-kom vs Red Reserve
Round over - Winner: CT (4-2) - Target saved hampus killed Patitek with awp STOMP killed disco doplan with mp9 (headshot) Goofy killed Brollan with cz75a Goofy killed Radifaction with cz75a (headshot)...
Gambit vs mousesports
mouzesports xDDD Lost a force 8-3 RIP TRAIN EZ GAMBIT
Gambit vs mousesports
Round over - Winner: T (4-1) - Enemy eliminated Hobbit killed chrisJ with ak47 Hobbit killed ropz with ak47 (headshot) Hobbit killed suNny with ak47 (headshot) chrisJ killed Dosia with awp Hobbit kill...
FaZe vs NRG
Round over - Winner: T (8-8) - Enemy eliminated GuardiaN killed nahtE with glock (headshot) karrigan killed daps with p250 (headshot) GuardiaN planted the bomb (2on2) nahtE killed olofmeister with usp...
North vs Rogue
Rogue is throwing
North vs Rogue
5vs3 xd
Vega Squadron vs compLexity
Jr is shit Hutji is shit Vega disband 5vs3 nice b hold
Vega Squadron vs compLexity
chopper killed ShahZaM with usp_silencer (headshot) jR planted the bomb (3on1) Round over - Winner: CT (4-1) - Target saved chopper killed stanislaw with ak47 (headshot) stanislaw killed hutji with p2...
BIG vs Gambit
Round over - Winner: CT (13-8) - Bomb defused AdreN defused the bomb Dosia killed gob b with m4a1 Dosia killed smooya with m4a1 gob b planted the bomb (2on2) gob b killed Hobbit with ak47 (headshot) A...
Heroic vs Luminosity
Rip 120 euro on heroic 9-3 xD