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AVANGAR vs Fragsters
jame trash lul
AVANGAR vs Fragsters
Trashsters 1-2 ez Round over - Winner: CT (2-3) - Enemy eliminated Jame killed stavn with awp Jame killed dragonfly with awp dimasick killed refrezh with p250 refrezh killed KrizzeN with ak47 (headsho...
Liquid vs Torqued
AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Round over - Winner: T (12-13) - Enemy eliminated steel killed NAF with awp steel killed Twistzz with galilar steel killed nitr0 with galilar Twistzz killed swag with m...
Liquid vs Torqued
hahahhahha shitquid fucking throwers, steel braidamaged bot from Brazil ahahahahhaha
Epsilon vs AVANGAR
gg Round over - Winner: CT (3-2) - Enemy eliminated tsack killed qikert with famas (headshot) tsack killed Jame with famas (headshot) buster committed suicide tsack killed KrizzeN with famas buster ki...
Fragsters vs
nice throw refrezh, fucking refugee shit
Fragsters vs
13-9 13-16 hahahahahh
LPSP vs GoldenGitte
gg kids, nice throw, hope u will get ban
LPSP vs GoldenGitte
14-9, losing force hhahahahah 14-16 hahahahah nice throw
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Singularity
they can use smokes, but who cares about smokes if they can't even take pop-dog
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Singularity
13-9 13-16 shitgularity
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Singularity
throwgularity waterfaLLZ killed BARBARR with awp BENDJI killed Kvik with awp Round over - Winner: CT (4-2) - Target saved BENDJI killed Boombl4 with awp BARBARR killed jmqa with ak47 waterfaLLZ killed...
GoldenGitte vs x-kom
1 awp + 4cz, gg 12-16 Round over - Winner: CT (12-7) - Enemy eliminated SOON killed Basso with awp stark killed haste with awp stark killed TeSeS with awp ponczek killed sjuush with cz75a sjuush kille...
NRG vs Splyce
Round over - Winner: CT (0-1) - Enemy eliminated aproto killed FugLy with usp_silencer (headshot) DAVEY killed nahtE with elite (headshot) DAVEY killed Brehze with elite DAVEY killed CeRq with elite (...
Property vs LPSP
hahahahah Round over - Winner: CT (12-13) - Enemy eliminated HECTOz killed kevzy with ak47 (headshot) smF killed Jayzwalkingz with cz75a (headshot) HECTOz killed ZINKEN with ak47 ZINKEN killed doktizh...