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He's always been bad on inferno, wait for next map. He hard carried them yesterday on nuke
NiP vs BIG
Absolutely pathetic from BIG Clan, no co-ordination whatsoever. What exactly is tabseN calling? And what is gob b doing? Unfortunate for Smooya on nuke, he really did as much as he could. It's as i...
Fierce vs BuzzKill
Thomas is a cut above all of these players, ez for BuzzKill
Nemiga vs Nordavind
Damn when did Semmler grow that beard
Izako Boars vs LDLC
God Happy
Astralis vs G2
They stopped playing nuke for a while, this is a surprise pick
I'd say EZ4ENCE but AVANGAR are just shit
Right wingers come here
Occam's razor doesn't apply, because both theories make different predictions. And it has nothing to do with simplicity.
Right wingers come here
No, Occam's razor states that between two theories that make the same predictions, the one with the least ASSUMPTIONS (NOT less complex) is more likely to be true (the stronger the theory). You're li...
UK Army wtf?
It's very hard these days to find someone who is anti-immigration that doesn't fall into the camp of "ultra nationalist".
UK Army wtf?
As someone who's grown up in the UK, the school system here teaches the topic and colonisation as mutually beneficial for both countries (although teachers here are allowed to have their own opinions,...
ZywOo expectations?
I think it would be interesting if ex6tenz was given the opportunity to build a team around him, and how that would turn out.
Liquid vs NiP
Dennis threw the final round, expected. Just pushes into bank in a 4v2 post plant and dies, likr why?
Heroic vs Grayhound