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Mibr solution
i haven’t seen any threads calling cold the goat in a while... has the disease finally subsided?
Astralis aren't "unbeatable"
Liquid lost 0-2 yet still got more kills than Astralis overall.. That shows that they made mistakes; so es, Astralis aren’t unbeatable.
-cold I think it’s obvious by now that to be successful, he needed TACO to bait for him.
Lag Spikes in CS
happens to me too
G2 picking D2
lol yea it was the only map they used to get wins on
CL FINAL - Madrid fans come here
blame refs when Bayern can’t score more than 3 goals from 50 clear chances
He’s the coach and gm of the team; if his teammates are trash, it’s his fault.
SK threw for skins :)
Nobody seems to take it seriously in the online phase, but then fans say it’s not a T1 LAN because X team isn’t there as if they didn’t have the chance to qualify.. They get invited to enough tournam...
SK threw for skins :)
Well, this is a qualifier for a $750k LAN which they’ll probably now miss after these results.
Infinity War
They made it so that their failure was overly focused on Starlord being braindead, and then made it so that their success is dependent on Ms Marvel when Thor has more power in his little finger. Lazy ...
False equivalence. Pacers have a foul to give... If they’re up by 2 points, they’re not letting anyone shoot a 3. They’re fouling twice and making him go to the line. It’s a completely different appr...
I think all 3 of you are missing my point... If he’s struggling to beat the Pacers, he doesn’t have what it takes to beat any team in the West.
refs conveniently miss his goaltend just to help him go up 3-2 in a series vs a trash team... definitely won't win a ring.
hulk dies in avengers
He supposedly has the power to shatter planets like pebbles, but he hasn't as of yet. Beta Ray Bill (the rightful owner of Stormbreaker, the hammer in Infinity War) has though.
It's not your fault you're illiterate.