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kosovo 2 serbia 1
Serbian rats are scared of Albanian eagles 😍😍 History has been made, thx xhaka, thx shaqiri
Windigo vs Virtus.pro
Windigo vs Virtus.pro
Vp can still qualify for pro league as 3rd place?
https://youtu.be/66pG9r7q8G8 This is how we deal with serbian people who dont want to realize that the time of killing children and women is over. No place for serbian terrorists in Kosovo
Best soccer team in your country?
Nice try useless silver Messi > Real anytime
Oh silver guys dont be annoying .... Fallen best awper ... real talk
you dont get it ... respect him for the person fallen not the skill ... by the way he is the best igl and awper in the world
SK respect thread
If u dont respect fallen u dont respect cs .. fucking nerds
Cloud9 vs SK
I lost my respect for na crowd .... monkey noises ... shame on you
the ear guy in crowd
This guy is so epic omg ... he is fucking the sk haters so much haha Gogo sk Respect from vp fan
Ein halbwegs intelligenter und aufgeklärter Mensch im 20en Jahrhundert wählt keine Afd, ganz egal wie sehr die bestehenden Parteien gefailt haben. Flüchtlingspolitik hin oder her, so ein Video wie im ...
SK vs fnatic
the guy on stream who is cheering for sk and showing that the haters can come ... hahaha he fucked the sk haters so hard
SK vs fnatic
gogo sk wish you the best, let the nerds talk and be angry , fallen and cold amazing duo .... greetings from vp fan
World's best player.
Cold best player in csgo history