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FaZe 5th player?
they should pick up either a MAD fragger or a fragging IGL alex would be fine but i don't see that happening...who then?
Logitech G Pro Mouse
you are just comf playing like that. for me it was very hard to go from 518 to anything else...it took me a while
Logitech G Pro Mouse
when it comes to performance is not that far compared to tier1 mice. Specially in Arg, with tons of charges when importing stuff outside Mercosur. even Hyperx Pulsefire Rgb is a good choice for the p...
Logitech G Pro Mouse
what about new mx 518? it's less expensive than the zowie and has better sensor
Astralis has chances?
Astralis has chances?
please anyone with actual knowledge of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE please explain it correctly USE A FREAKING COMMA
Virtus pro > Astralis
it was 3 with no roster change, misstyped
Virtus pro > Astralis
astralis 4 majors with no roster change vp 1 major .
meyern has more potential, luken is better NOW...but he won't be 2 years from now
if you can't understand why meyern being 5 years younger than luken is relevant, then i won't waste my time explaining it to you.
Luken 22 years old meyern just turned 17 2 months ago...
Will WW3 happen?
it's already happening , the objective is oil and media control
ZywOo top 1 2019
dev1ce has almost the same stats than Zywoo but his frags matter to the team...zywoo's can't carry vitality for shit
isn't this match pointless? atk already qualyfied for the finals