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Samsung S9?
You should definitely wait for the S10 at this point, no reason to get an S9 when the S10 is around the corner and is definitely going to be quite faster due to new process node and other goodies.. B...
[+18] Muslim logic
Do not get fooled!!! Muslims are not peacefull as some say, they are hardcore fanatics...I know few guys which are muslims, althought they are great guys their religion fucks them up, if you try to t...
Goatfuckers are truly a religion of peace, i wouldnt mind napalming the shit out of them but hey, thats just me ;)
He is a streamer, new games attracts obviously more viewers since they are interested to know how the game looks and plays like... CSGO did amazing for a very long time and is still played alot...Gam...
Dont bother with Tinder...When i first installed it got 20 matches in a week...after that barely 1 match in a month...Something is wrong with that app and in my experience you get extremely low qualit...
device 0iq
Device is from Denmark..What else did you expect? An immense effeminate cuck mangina who respects women more then his own life..
r8 this russian chick
Sorry to burst your bubble my little friend but 99,99999% of girls are after status, money and looks...Wake up ;)
18+ how to get laid
I said its easier not impossible, do what i said anyway..You have nothing to lose and will help you in the long run..
18+ how to get laid
Try to improve yourself, dress better, work out...Go around relative big cities and hit on random girls...Its not easy but when your young is not that hard either...Its 100% guaranteed you will get be...
r8 this girl
Nice body with a squirrel brain...Talk about democracy...Your future is decided the moment your born...These useless empty disgusting thots makes million of dollars meanwhile people not so beautiful b...
rip finland
Yeah Nordic friend, DO NOT sleep at night at the idea of Russia buying land near you...Hurry up and import several millions of refugees to solve the problem ;)
Show your 10/10 girl Best looking girl hands down ;)
FaZe Roster
Faze doesnt need a change, they just lost all their confidence...Same as Navi, these two teams can easily beat Astralis if they are playing at their best, but they always fail...
Electronic, S1mple, Tarik (IGL), Issa, Niko.
I think you can hardly beat Astralis when they play a perfect match...Navi steamrolled every team but got in the final and got brutally stomped...Is not just luck or bad form, it is Astralis who does ...