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11 000+ scientists warn about the climate
dude those thousand of scientitsts predicted the end of the world already 30 years ago, and still here we are..But i guess its trendy going with lets save the world crap.. Obviously you have no idea ...
lek0 actually insane
Lekr0 is good but Lucas1 wasnt performing greatly
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
LMAO Zeus was the problem...Losing to Heroic, just imagine how bad it is...
Just another generic low value whore...Holy shit man they are all alike these days...
3700x or 9700k
For gaymin intel i7 9700k, for productivity ryzen 3700x
Besiktas? More like BADsiktas
Its not about sexism... As i said before they got invited cause women, they didnt qualify or deserve it...Just look how they got rekt by every team ffs...
Besiktas? More like BADsiktas
Equality sweaty ;)
He will get away with it cause moslem can do no wrong ever...
Female CS
They said so in several occasions bro
R8 my crush
She's your average ''im not like other girls'' type of little generic whore..
Why G2 why?
Poor K1o, he probably played few matches and got kicked, they shouldnt have engaged him in first place since he is quite average imho...
Holy shit China
Sounds highly unlikely, i can understand some rich individuals hiring criminals to harvest human organs for their own benefits but a country doing so? nah... If China wanted they could end any type o...
They won 4 majors, something that no one else did in CS lifetime...They lost a final on an average competition to a good team like Evil Geniuses...But rest assured that in a serious competition they w...
He reminds me of Zeus from Navi, always bottom fragging but maybe he is a very good IGL so that counts alot...
Zeus in CS:GO
Na'Vi isnt going to win anything with or without Zeus, Astralis would demolish any team if they play like this...The only hope other teams have is if Astralis gets tired of winning or something breaks...