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man ppl are stupid to compare countries as if every country is exposed to the same corona danger. Virus is human to human transmissible and doesnt just "fly" through the air until it covers the entire...
Everyone looks stong vs 5 bots set to harmless
anti stratted? Dafuq are you watching? Mousesports playing stupid on t side. Mousesports isnt playing a single one of their strats properly. Nothing to do with anti stratting. Mousesports are tilted a...
how much?
Origin of Corona theories thread
it is Batmans fault
Refugees come here
They actually have internet. Watched yesterday an interview with a refugee at one of the greek refugee camps. He said food was bad and internet slow.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcx9_NjdiDA either this guy is super shy or he cant communicate in english properly.
Dust 2
Another cs youngling trying to get rid of dust2. We need an anakin over here.
boombl4 god
boomi is love, boomi is life
Pro CSGO has become super random
dafuq are you talking about. Most competitive scene since a long time. You just mad you cant savely bet anymore!
Navi G2
Imagine if g2 made this run only to lose to fucking Na'vi, that would be depressing lol but also extremely funny, the hardest should be behind them if they beat fnatic they shouldn't crumble to Na'vi
iem 2020
You realise you have to pass the no crowd groupstage to even get into the playoffs. So what does having no crowd in playoffs have to do with NA and SA teams not being able to pass groupstage? Nothing.