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Should I kill myself?
You'll grow up some day, for now enjoy being a 12-year-old tumor to society. :))
Should I kill myself?
No. Life is a one-time-thing, don't waste it away.
Ninja is sexist
I thought this guy was just another idiotic streamer for kiddies, but it seems like he's smart. As someone above said, girls = rumors, drama and attention whoring. It's normal that he doesn't want tha...
Point of living?
To have fun.
Flag checks out, SK had no era you little fanboy.
New DUST 2 player come here
Heavily T-sided, retaking B is fucking impossible.
Alex Jones banned
Like who?
pubg finally dead
That's deffo going way too far, there's been so much hype for some of the upcoming games, not to mention Nvidia is about to release their next generation of GPU's. Gaming is very much alive and kickin...
Sadokist Racist...
You have to be baiting...
Sadokist Racist...
It's a joke, you fucking moron(s). This isn't like him saying an actual racial slur like he did a few months ago. Get it together or change your gender, snowflake.
One of the best NA players that isn't a support and isn't willing to do the dirty work in order for the rest to shine and make the kills. Seriously, 2018 and people still have zero clue why TACO was ...
If Coldzera to Liquid is real then...
Source for this rumor?
Why are knives still overpriced?
NRG Tier 1 or 2?
What exactly have NRG done to warrant a discussion on the possibility of them being t1? They're tier 2... at best.