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Gla1ve is lying.
Think of something original, shitskin. ''Fakeflag'' is your little fantasy of not making huts from poop. Cya.
Gla1ve is lying.
Dude, you're from Africa, lmfaooo Should I even start? It's too easy, just go back to building huts or whatever.
Gla1ve is lying.
Phaha, saying that while being Canadian and being a fan of Liquid? Guess everyone should ignore you as well.
cold monkey??
Niko VS Twistzz (hair)
Twistzz is better.
144hz help :(
Vsync must be off.
60hz vs 240hz
The only game you can get 240 frames in is CSGO, so that's overkill. Good luck running new games and having anything more than 60-90.
Device overrated?
Fraudzera had a whole team built around making him look good, with the pinnacle being TACO, the meat shield and bait. He also loved boosting stats against weaker teams and on ecos/exits. Now that the...
Damn Coldzera
Not even close. He's just average among other pros, always has been. Literally any pro can go off and have a little highlight, look at nitr0 at the last tournament. Seemed way more impressive, but we ...
Device overrated?
coldzera, by far.
Device overrated?
Wtf, lmaooo
My cat recently passed away :'(
Great, now I'm sad... It looked like a good companion, man. And from the video it's obvious you loved it very much, so I hope you'll remember him/her. RIP. (and props for using DS3 credits music, ma...
HLTV rigged 1000%
I understand where you're coming from, but it's just very difficult to pick an MVP from Astralis, because... all of them contribute in equal amounts. They are a team in the full sense of the word, and...
Astralis vs MIBR
Not really, Mibr lost two maps, Astralis didn't.