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CSGO updates
CSGO updates
Probably player model improvements
new c9
C9 doesn't pay their players well. They have been known to low-ball their csgo teams for years. It's one of the main reasons the core of Tim daps and Koosta just left
Would love to see fnatic back at the top. There games are always fun to watch
america u scary
Yes all 300 million of us are like that guy. Why is it always Germans on this website throwing shade
new c9
Their team is more likely to go EU if they plan to retain mixwell
new c9
Wardell won't join a lineup like that he has already turned better offers down
Gen.G - nifty
Why would you pick up nifty when wardell, Shazam are better and not signed atm. Also there is better awpers in NA to pickup if your looking to develop a player... like Sonic on atk
Where is Lucas1 going?
Red canids
If you could vac ban 1 player
FIRST to be kicked ?
The rumor was about NAF and was fake
USA School shootings list 2019
You shouldn't be that paranoid the probability of this happening to you is very slim. If you read the article you will see that most of these altercations come from a wide variety of problems. Most of...
NEWS 27.11.19
Finnaly a creditable news source
why MIBR #14 rank?
The real question is why are they still in the top 30?
mojoonpc car
You can get them on the used market for like less than half the original price. Either way tho yea he's raking in the money. Does he still post on YouTube or is his channel still dead? I used to love ...