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gk champion btw hahaha, he just fucked up 7-1
lol cant understand how our worst national team in 10 years did 3 goals to wc champion lmaoo gg already, congratz
Tarik is turkish?
it mean he is ashamed to be turkish
Immigrants in your country
oh i forgot chinese people, not sure about chileans.. anyway they are better than us currently
Immigrants in your country
most people come from bolivia, peru and paraguay. i've met peruvians and they are good people overall, bolivians and paraguayans is 50/50, some of them are very arrogant and ungrateful but you can fin...
Croatia last hope for Europe
+1 go croatia <3
Coldzera set to join Virtus Pro - Report
America is superior to any other country
America = north, central and south america (all countries) america is not USA ffs
America is superior to any other country
lol that stupid sarcasm, usa better than turkey for sure
Friends zoned?
this girl is impossible for you, you went to close to her and you're friendzoned af just go for another girl, stop thinking on her. and ask her advices for another girl, because she know you are frien...
Pele vs Messi
pele overrated, 1000 offside and amateur goals maradona played in a professional level and messi ofc but cr7 is also in the discussion
I rate your Weight and Height
honestly not bad considering your country average, you dont need more height
Russia saved by Brazilian
eliminated* lmao what a awful penalty
scored by brazilian LUL
russia on drugs, ez for them