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depressing countries to live in
Yeah but then you realize you live in a first world country with high standard of living that the rest of the world envies and who cares about winter?
The Walking Dead 8x01
i know, the last 2-3 seasons were like this and is getting annoying
The Walking Dead 8x01
The Walking Dead 8x01
father gabriel dies :(
depressing countries to live in
Depression caused by winter? what a stupid thing rofl I disagree with my argentinian mate above
depressing countries to live in
India a country with a low standard of living? sure but i dont think people there is depressing usually people from slums and those stuff is happy even with a extreme poverty,
Walking dead
Just watch TWD cast in imdb, it works like a spoiler with characters appearances main characters that remains in the show, Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Michon...
depressing countries to live in
probably Russia, people specially old looks so sad that includes other countries like Ukraine, Belarus, etc
Buy or pirate?
what is the real URL for skidrow games? i search and there is a lot
Buy or pirate?
Can you recommend a good multiplayer game with good amount of players?
3 worst countries
For the average south american, USA is a paradise
3 worst countries
Please, i'm sure you rather live in USA than in this shitty third world country with corrupt politicians, ofc we have good things but our standard of living sucksssss
3 worst countries
USA because you envy the fact that is the best country in the world? Argentina because we are better than you in almost everything? Germany because of 1-7? LUL
RUSH role?
Readhead pornstars
I only know Siri xd