My experience :

I've attended at alot LANs in CS 1.6, also reached top level in CS;GO.
Never won a LAN, but meh i never had teammates that are playing on my level.


Fan of NiP - I've been following GeT_RiGhT, f0rest and Xizt since 2009 and i am a fan of every single one of them. f0rest was such a beast in 1.6, same goes for GeT_RiGhT aswell. After that i took one year break from CS 1.6 and then CS:GO came out. I've heard that GeT_RiGhT, f0rest and Xizt are doing a team together and i suddenly became a fan of them. I've watched alot matches of them and i used to like their playstyle. No one of them was washed up, they were putting up big numbers. I used to like friberg and Fifflaren alot after watching them playing with f0rest, GeT_RiGhT and Xizt together. After that, they lost 2 major finals in a row. I felt so bad for GeT_RiGhT, he was the best player of those two years without a doubt. But yeah, they never gave up and kept their form on top and finally won a major. I cried when NiP won their first major title, after that they were doing very well. When Fifflaren decided to retire, i was shocked ! Then NiP signed a contract with Maikelele and they got used to him. He was doing very well and fitting their playstyle. I was hoping for a great results from NiP with him, and they didnt prove me wrong. They did very well with him, i remember Maikelele destroying LDLC. Damn, what hell of a match was that !
But yeah, they lost that major aswell. They still didn't give up, and i was always supporting them. They did very well with Maikelele and then dropped him out. A player that i've never heard of called allu joined them. I liked him but meh, he was pretty decent. I thought they gonna fail this time but i was wrong, they still kept their form with allu. I remember one tournament, both NiP and fnatic got stunned by TSM.
TSM was doing pretty well at the time with the following lineup : device, cajunb, karrigan, Xyp9x, dupreeh.
They were obviously destroying NiP and fnatic and i felt like a new era is coming. I was kinda right, a new era came out but it was called fnatic era. Yeah fnatic era, with the following lineup: olofmeister, KRIMZ, flusha, JW, pronax. They were simply destroying every team on the scene, NiP got destroyed by them aswell. They won 2 major titles with the following lineup. Then NiP started doing bad, they decided to try their chance with pyth. For the first time, they failed to qualify for the major with him. It didn't work, they played some tournaments with him and kicked him out of team. They tried their chance with the young blood draken. He was putting up good numbers, but not fitting the team very well. They continued to play with him. After failing to qualify for the major again, they decided to kick the friberg from the team. They had 4 amazing years with him. draken's old teammate called REZ joined them. They did pretty good job and won IEM Oakland 2017 against FaZe in the BO5 final. But somehow, they decided to kick Xizt and take dennis to the team. After that, they also kicked draken and added Lekr0. Now i hope they are going to qualify for the upcoming major with him.



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