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US and Slavery
it has nothing to do with where he is from, it is common sense...from it begining US had imperialistic and hypocritic policy toward natives ...
finally to use those muscles but props to him either way...i would kill for that job...
vertigo opinion
Firstly, one who put it in map pool probably had really bad day when he decided to do that, secondly (and this is really much more important) i really dont get these teams (not just ast and liquid but...
gtr retire
its not a fucking football or basketball so he is old, his muscles want get damaged due to hard trainings or games all he need to use is his brain. They do sit on chairs after all during games you kno...
Is war actually near
i dont know how you call whats happening in Syria, Nigeria and there is lot of local wars all around globe. There wasn't if i remember correctly a single day in human history that all were at peace. ...
at least in football you can see where the ball is going to finish...
'coming' beign crucial here, they are light years away from what they used to be...honestly i think they dont care so much after all those titles and money (that experiment with 2 NA players also fuck...
Game Of Thrones Season 8
band of brothers, Alo, alo, Only fools and horses, Black adder, fucking Batman animated series have more depth than that bs, Breaking bad, Two and a half man, friends and i can go on and on but you ge...
Game Of Thrones Season 8
biggest bullshit ever, dont know why people give it such attention, it is just another soap shitshow...
USA explain
dont try sell me your murican smartness! In US you can pretty much walk around with a cannon in pocket and no one will give a shit, i doubt many would complain about Ak (and ak can be manufactured to ...
USA explain
"pretty much none" you are trolling, right!? Give me an AK and you get glock or some similar shit and lets try shoot each other from 200 meters distance to test your theory about destruction capabilit...
USA explain
hahahaha +1100
s1mple destroyed navi
he shouldnt re peak that last guy in 1v3 he had c4 for him
s1mple is a fraud
+1000 thousand.... plus, he shouldnt re peak that last guy in 1v3 he had c4 for him
i was just proposing better solution but as always it is your body, your health so yours is last word, have a nice exercise any way :)