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ScreaM valorant?
Yep yep
bymas what are you doing
People often make poor decision when under pressure....first match for faze so we can excuse a few hiccups. Fair play to him...only 16 and giving it a good crack. GL to him I say. one here ...
Mental health
This ^ It's neigh on impossible for specific and appropriate advice to be given out on HLTV....there are many mental health conditions that may look like schizophrenia but could be something like MP...
A lot more cheaters
I’m thinking because I play with lower ranks a lot like DMGs and GN3 type guys we get a mixed bag... I’d rather play with friends than worry about my rank but the experience is awful
A lot more cheaters
Damn man.... I guess premium is the way to go?
A lot more cheaters
Free faceit yeah.
A lot more cheaters
Could be. Might be the lads I’m playing with also. I don’t play soloQ ever but it’s usually with at least the same 2 or 3 people.
A lot more cheaters
I don’t get how it’s just an accepted thing now... that seems wrong to me
A lot more cheaters
Rank is supreme.... faceit only level 5... trust factor should be fine 15 year old account always played legit never had issues
A lot more cheaters
Is there? I haven’t paid attention I normally just look at the matches and news on this site tbf... so I assume others have experienced the same thing
A lot more cheaters
Even on faceit.... all be it not as often or as many but mainly MM yeah
Heard that mike Tyson is making a come back to fight gaben.... if mike wins he’ll go Source 2, release hl3 and the coronavirus vaccine he’s got locked away. I don’t fancy mikes chances though... gaben...
That’s him