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is FalleN too old?
I'm 30 and I'm one of the fastest boys in my school.
Air force
We have some nice planes and stuff.
Wales Grand Slam Champs
I see what’s going on here. We’ve got a Wise cracker in our midst.
Wales Grand Slam Champs
Let’s have a fight
Wales Grand Slam Champs
All of Wales does boyo. Best day of rugby.... Scotlands come back against England as well. Cy@
We dabble ;) There's a Welsh ice hockey team called the Cardiff devils that I've seen. It's not a big sport here.
Lets be fair...all crap any way...get yourselves watching the Rugby 6 nations tomorrow lads...WALES WALES WALES WALES.
Stupidest thing you've ever done ?
Quit a professional gaming career to join the military.
your biggest weakness
I'm too good at CSGO.
how many children would u like to have?
I have 2....Mrs would like 3...we will see.
Why device GOAT
Yeah agree different game. I can’t speak much on CSGO I was never competitive in the game and haven’t followed it too closely. I’m sure there are many other names to throw into the debate. Also re1eas...
Why device GOAT
Yes they were all sick... f0rest is still the best player I’ve seen. The guy is a legit genius. Just saying. My experience vs these guys is that he is the best. Get right was difficult to play agains ...
Why device GOAT
Defo not no. They weren’t as good as f0rest.
Why device GOAT
F0rest was the best in 1.6. Then zet. Then fr0d/neo.
UK laugh thread
Ah well....back to looking for manky wank mags in the woods like the good old days.