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Have played CS on and off for about 14 years.

My favorite version is 1.6, CS GO still has issues with hitboxes and "blank" shots that happend from time to time that is really disturbing, otherwise GO is a superior game in all other aspects. Valve are close to making the game perfect, almost there! Keep working.

I did play semi professionally on swedish leagues about 10-11 years ago, at one point in a top 20 team on R60, its not a big deal in comparison to the current pro's but for me it was big! The team had 18+ requirement, so when i finally had to tell them i had lied about my age all the time because they were going to LAN they were mad, rightfully so. So i got kicked and after that i didnt really bother to look for a new team, so my career ended early!

I do play casually from time to time with friends, to keep my skills up fairly good.

If any semi pro team look for a stand-in sometime, feel free to contact me for try outs!
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Zywoo IGL???
He sits in the middle so he can see his teammates screens, he plays off them. Best player in the team gets the most information by sitting in the middle
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