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SK vs OpTic
two-faced shitfans
SK vs OpTic
you mean MiBR?
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
yougetcake made a sticker out of it, pretty stuff. it remembers us what war is really about, kill everyone, destroy everything until they agree to be your slaves.
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
"pros don't fake"
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
[speaking english]
Liquid vs SK
Now TACO will shut up some mouths! XD
To all SK haters
+1 never
SK Coldzera
valid point, idk if he's too arrogant thou. PS: lately, my xp in valve's has been exactly like this... most ppl don't care to execute well and rely on flicks and sheer luck.
Top five flags?
-novid -refresh -tick +cl_forcepreload +mat_queue_mode anything else is deprecated
Do You Hate Brazil?
Not exactly love, but yes. Big, beautiful, relatively peaceful and cozy climate. It is actually possible to live here with a knife, a tin can and some clothes. Too bad there are Brazilians in here.
7-1 was a rough loss (watch if you don't remember). It became a recurring theme, spawning a meme on its own: a different 7-1 everyday. Unconsciously, Brazil...
There is a fence in there where people bhop to advance catwalk after a smoke and/or flash. Head level is just over the top.
Mouz is overrated AF
“The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”
no, papito. just walk forward, my friend. sk needs time and training like everyone does at this game.
SK vs mousesports
SK are you sober