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Ät skit så lever du längre,
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What phone to buy?
I got Huawei P30 PRO and just love it.
Olofmeister broke the record...
Always gonna love this man! More love for Olof, please! <3
175cm 17yo
If a girl loves you, It wont matter. Better go for some cs Before you cant.
create a nerf to astralis
I Think that if you changed Device looks with a bag of mashed potatoes, they would feel insecure and start tilting each others and call everyone but them for pretty > which would make their coach furi...
olof's dream..
They need Changes. bring Coldzera and aleksib, pleeeease! F for Olofgod
North coach wtf
Felt really sad seeing North winning this. the coach was a complete deuce, Cant really say that hes team look less "nerd" than Cr4zy..
is 180cm small?
I never really understood the problems people have with being tall or short? If you are tall, good for you. If you are short, good for you. I dont fking care, The problems people have these Days-
Liquid nitr0 to NRG
I Heard that people who sing, most likely enjoy some sort of Music. Its true, I Heard it from a guy I met from the future, he told me that I could be a warrior If I want to, but most likely I would be...
Best languages for swearing irl
swearing in Swedish is pretty darn lit
Swedes come here
inte en aning
Why is ScreaM so bad now?
Might have decent aim, nothling like NiKo or S1mple Tho. Also he lack tactical and teamplay. Decent aim and the mind to only tap wont make you far.
Why is NiP in Pre-relegation
FaZe Magisk?
16-5 so fking easy, please l2p ast losing 16-2 to m16r
Liquid vs FaZe
LETS DO THIS FAZE!!!!!!!!!!!