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Stanley Cup Final Game 7
imagine thinking that ballet on ice is a sport
Hated pro players that you respect/like?
Tigre Madeiras
Furia does not mean fury as u may think
holy molly this is completely inaccurate
my boy why would they add cold if they are already destroying everyone cold would only ruin their chemistry
Brazil fix
I am glad you said you work in a public university, thank you. Won't waste any more time with you since you are brainwashed.
Brazil fix
kkkkkkkk racist that go to a guetto on a cheap motorcicle to hang around black people and homophobic that has a group of followers named "gays with Bolsonaro", oh my god it is crazy the power that Glo...
Brazil fix
Dont waste your time with braindead kids my brother. Any functioning adult not tied psychologically (brainwashed) or financially with these left parties that rule brazil know that Bolsonaro is not t...
a lot a lot or just little a lot ?
fifa 19 career mode
FIFA CM is dead boys. It was awesome to play against Barca ou Real and they have Messi and Ronaldo on the bench for a CL semi. If they can't fix a stupid programming thing like this, where AI cant se...
Ukranian Rap
u sure ?
Best Brazil Chat Spam
You guys dont understand this is all for fun, you think it is serious hahaha dumbasses
Who told you that kid ? True modernity is all about the plurality of one skills.
Brazilian movie, Elite Squad 1 and 2. Careful you may not be able to enjoy any other movies in your lifetime.
there was no separation between philosophy and math in Descartes time, they would learn about all the major academic fields.
GoT ep4
could you elaborate this theory my good sir.