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NA Fans
I just read your reply to the comment above me. The "should only love one team with your heart". I personally agree with that, but some people don't. That's just your opinion. You can't just say your ...
NA Fans
Proved your point? You don't have a point. You said that people are changing their flairs to support TL. I'm just confused as to how that's a bad thing.
NA Fans
It's not really bad..? Some people put more pride into their regions than specific teams. That's like saying AU CS fans won't cheer for Greyhound and Renegades if they both qualify for an event, like ...
NA Fans
Who cares what flair anybody has? They could just be a fan of "NA CS" and has their flair as whatever NA team has the best chance of winning any tournament.
NBK > G2
And is the sole reason the EnVyUs roster failed for so long. He's a dictator as an IGL and makes xizt look like a tier 1 IGL
What u'd change in life?
When I started following professional counterstrike. Would've liked to have been present earlier for the 2014 matches
NBK > G2
No, keep happy as far away as you possibly can from any team hoping to compete.
People like you make this site worthwhile
-gtr +?
Who are ska and auti/tarik then? Lmao
-gtr +?
??? No awper and no IGL what????
That was a shit ton of reading. Good thing I'm bored. I agree that scream and kio seem to be the stars of the lineup and giving them more freedom and a "support" awper to kind of pick up what they don...
Talent beat hardwork?
https://youtu.be/UahBpLlyje4 Just a quick Google search mate
-gtr +?
No awper AND no IGL and making a major? I aren't think that
faze - mouz map veto
Okay,tbh, I wasn't that far off my predictions. Granted, I shit the bed with no bo,5, but it wasn't that far off
Unless coldzera gets back into form, which I don't think will happen, there's no way. Nobody else can even touch s1mple. He just slaps his massive dong around the server