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brazilian city under siege
What police is going to take on that? These mfs were with army gear. They blocked some roads and all and from i what I heard the army was in another state doing some training or whatever. So it was li...
brazilian city under siege
yall are thinking this is common but its not. These guys had heavy guns like .50 and shit, even an RPG, it was like 40 guys with army gear. These guys probably been planning this attack for a year, i...
Wait is it really going to take like 2 months to know who won? What the fuck is this retarded system
MIBR vs Wisla Krakow
mas nunca foi camp lixo igual esse. Era pelo menos umas dreamhack open q só tinha time tier 2.
Delusional BR Fanbase
Yeah, fer and kng especially are pathetic, always adding fuel
gaules 260k
300k coming
lol they wouldnt, any of these top teams in europe would smash the NA/BR teams
Kng Cry Baby
Kng is a fucking retard
Stop inviting lulria on DH
Its still viewers for the event, even if its Gaules streaming it, the ads are still there. A lot of tournaments are partnering with Gaules because of the huge viewership
Im sorry but what makes you think I got mad? what? Im just speaking my opinion lmao
ah please, "consicience" my ass. Its literally the same if I voted blank or for him. I mean when I said caring about politics its not that I dont follow and shit, I just wont go defend X person just ...
blank or not bolsonaro wouldve won anyway, I dont give a fuck about politics like im not going outside to prostest and shit. If his gov is trash and there is a better option in the next election I w...
meh expected, still dont regret voting on him simply bc the other choice was worse