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Fnx, felps and kngv are back
Astralis ERA ??
lul not even close, they can do it sure but they are nowhere close to having an era. Also keep in mind that they are the #1 because everyone else is trash right now.
chokestralis lmao thats why this astralis "era" is just a fluke, and it wont last.
Because all IGLs excluding him are trash right now.
how to beat astralis?
lol no it isnt. Good god I hate when people say "era" just like that. The same happened with faze when they won the 2 tournaments, the same happened with astralis early 2017. Astralis are just bette...
SK | NiKo confirmed
I wouldnt mind xD Niko isnt leaving europe to go to NA, but it would be cool xD niko's face in that series vs astralis was like, pls i cant carry anymore, i want another team
only way To fix Sk
Top team in history for me
Easy when you play vs amateurs
Astralis Domination
Yeah they are playing super well, but it will end soon, just like last year. Also keep in mind that every top team is in shambles right now. But I believe in VACO. <3
What are you talking about? Almost every brazilian knows that s1mple and niko are better than cold in 2018. Maybe you are just retarded and keep getting baited by an obvious fakeflagger
s1mple is overrated
Every team has a baiter, do you even watch CS?
Dont even try to make people understand it, its not worth it. In the end, people just go for the scoreboard and the flashy kills
Apex lmao
i dont like him but he is the best at the moment. Going 20-19 in one msp isnt going to change the fact that he is #1
SK = Lil peep
And SK will reborn as major champions with miBR just like lil will reborn as a cat