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i3 8100 x i5 7600
5 is bigger than 3. 5-2=3 81 is bigger than 76. 81-76=5 Which means the i3 8100 is better. You are welcome!
I understand everyone has their own opinions, but I just cant understand why some people hate or want homos to be treated differently... Its not a rule that means u will have to become gay too... Ju...
MiBR wasted spot
They won even more hate from C9 fans. I guesd thats a win? lul
social media drug?
Yea its underrated as fuck but not as serious as legit drugs (in the affect after you stop) at the moment Also I dont get it why people are so hungry for likes and they just cant stop. Its just amazi...
premier league draft?
Whats premiee league? Its the leqgue that VP plays in?
The 100 TV show
Thats because its a CW show, they wont get into the most serious topics (rape for example) which would definitely happen in a scenario like that Also they had/have a lot of important male characters....
The 100 TV show
Definitely, of course season 5 still has some "boring" episodes but thats for me. The overral quality is so much better and the storyline too. some of the storyline in s4 is just boring (but the seaso...
The 100 TV show
I like it, of course it isnt a masterpiece but it is enjoyable. It has plot holes, dumb decisions, retarded ships, but that is to be expected from a CW show. The thing is, I watched since it was aire...
this thread oof
Saddest moment in CSGO history
Sure it was a great moment, but Its just not the best for me, a fluke run in a tournament that a shit team won idk it just feels wrong And even if we were going to talk about tournaments, DH Winter 2...
most illogical fear?
I dont think that fear is illogical
Saddest moment in CSGO history
I never said it was the most skillfull play. It was the most amazing play for me, and especially when you know the context. Semis at a major. Losing 15-9
Saddest moment in CSGO history
Most amazing play in CSGO ever Sad and awesome moment at the same time
Portugal/Spain come here
Sleeping on the floor LUL
Why sleep on the kitchen? Why not stay in your room?