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I'm just a dude who's just unsure of his future. The Millenial Problem. I write a lot, mostly concerning CSGO and how I feel the games will go through extrapolation, as well as reasonings behind them.

I post my thoughts and writings here as well:
Let me know your thoughts!

A member of HLTV Writers, looking to improve my repertoire as a writer.

If you'd like me to write a specific piece, do drop me a message. I'll do my best !
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Fnatic - Astralis Grand Final
I mean if you put it that way yeah it makes sense. TBH I was hyped for this lineup considering their previous success at Katowice and WESG but I may have put too low a standard on this team as it is.
Fnatic - Astralis Grand Final
Fnatic are looking super crispy, but I still feel like it might be another TL-Ast finals again. I want to see how Fnatic counter the chaotic playstyle of Furia next. If they beat FURIA however, they'l...
his mastery in both Mandarin and English is pretty good
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
Considering their recent form I'm inclined to agree. Would be something interesting to see if Renegades can hold their own
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
It could happen, considering that it's BO1. And if Fnatic go 2-0, their maps are solid enough for them to win the advancement match BO3, but that still depends on their opponent tbh
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
True. I'm hoping FURIA go far to be honest, but I feel like they still lack the experience that other teams have 1 or 2 members at least have some sort of international experience. At least with the...
vega, tyloo, avangar
that's kinda what people thought for Boston and London too though. I'm curious too see if they can pull it off again
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
My bad, I meant NRG > Winstrike. As for Furia vs NiP I went with the swedes because idk how FURIA will go up against EU teams like NiP, even tho NiP are kinda inconsistent
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
Yeah i messed up the last one. I meant NRG > Winstrike FURIA I have some confidence in, since NiP are pretty inconsistent, but I want to see if KSCERATO will turn up here as well, since some matches I...
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
ah, my bad. I meant to put NRG > Winstrike Thanks for the correction ! A shame I cant edit the main post tho
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
That's actually pretty admirable. Unfortunately I don't have any team that is my favourite to root for haha. I put C9 because of how well they're performing, but I feel like even Fnatic will make it t...
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
Fnatic are kinda shaky I'd say in a bo1. From what I remember they're prone to slow starts. As for AVANGAR, I switched them out with G2 and Tyloo I went with ENCE, primarily because it's been so long ...
Katowice R1 Challenger Stage
shameless bump because I want to know if my pickems will run well HAHA no for real tho
MIBR will win major
I want to see the reasoning behind this statement though. It sounds absolute but their performance hasn't been seen with their current roster at all iirc after they got back together