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Cloud9 real problem
Their matches always same. Huge lead -> almost throw. Huge lose from start - then trying to comeback. I dont know, it is so hard to take timeout and change something after losing 5:0 ?
Apeks vs SAW
If you cross CT without smoke, even you have smokes in pocket you don't deserve to win.
Sinners vs HONORIS
That prizepool structure motivates to matchfix. Just another 9to5 with other name :)
Sinners vs HONORIS
Big problem is that they are losing round they should've win all the time. Like pistols/shitbuys when they've comfort lead. Unfortunately you can see it almost every their game. Maybe if they focus on...
HONORIS vs Lilmix
Some bokies deleted Lilmix from their offer. They know why :)
ESIC come
Every tourney is sponsored by betting sites. It is hard to avoid.
KOVA vs Young Ninjas
Doufám, stačí když si pán nebude hrát na frajírka a místo toho pomůže týmu.
KOVA vs Young Ninjas
Poor botomfragging Hampus. Buying when others go full glock eco. You are NOT SIMPLE, you are just piece of shit so play your level. Instead of helping youngsters pulling them down
Lyngby Vikings vs Cult
7:2 -> 7:16. Losing to tecs and 5v3 advantages, go fck urself
Lyngby Vikings vs ex-ETHEREAL
So that it sad. Every match in these shitnaments smells a lot
Lyngby Vikings vs ex-ETHEREAL
Report them to Esic. This must stop asap. Send that matchfixing nobrainers to regular job
ex-ETHEREAL vs Nexus
yep, they added few minutes ago right? I bet on Nexus due to that. But who cares, rigged league so whatever who plays
s0mple missing shots
this cost me money and few years of life. Zywoo lost that map Vitality so hard