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well they are well aware they live in a shit hole and they're all under average in looks except the women the guys legit look like apes
Most attractive race?
its native americans, eu education
your ctrl c + ctrl v here
brazzers password: 89EUTOS98
sk will win next major
We're talking about CSGO, not UCL. I think it would be unwise to change a major variable as the sport itself. PS: Change the flag and EU brain.
sk will win next major
Honestly judging the correlation between the teams that have won majors vs the consistency of winning majors within a short timespan, it is safe to assume that SK will not win another major. This is b...
Most powerful jedi
The only ones that I consider the strongest are Luke, Yoda, Anakin, and Rey. A Jedi isn't labeled by only his ability with the lightsaber but also by his ethics, morals, and connection with the force....
fnatic vs Liquid
R8 ME pls
gain some muscle and widen your shoulders your hairstyle makes your head look big as fuck
The legendary team of all time
The legendary team of all time
The legendary team of all time
yea they did showmatches like a few years ago
lamborghini 15 BTC
rich ass nvm
SK Gaming House
The legendary team of all time
cause they stopped playing and everyone else got better
Why does everything have to be a country war? Just shut the fuck up and argue like a real man. Bunch of pussies behind computer screens.