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I won't even you argue about leftism/leftard in your country since you use words you don't know like "communism". So unless you explain me without mistakes how Lula or Roussef made your country a com...
top 5 signs of subhumans/retards
France 2 major, Germany 0 majors France 2 WW win, Germany 0 WW nt
windows 7 one love
Windows 7 is the best OS I ever used.
Watchmen movie
What is a super hero to you then?
Watchmen movie
What is Dr Manhattan then?
Watchmen movie
My favorite super hero story.
rate my girlfriend
Next step is the pillow
Three countries which..
I don't say it is what I think, I answered his question.
[+18] R8 Ukrainian Girl
Cant get fat
After how many inch you go with one more foot? For exemple, 6ft = 5ft 12? A base 12 numerical system, while 99% of the time your mind is forged by a base 10 (calculation, money, etc..), what the poi...
FaZe 87-0 soon ?
Problem for FaZe is they will reach final stage of T1 tournament before reaching 87 record. So it sounds like an impossible record to break for them right now.
Cant get fat
"6ft 1 (see im writing this in non retard units so that everyone understands) " 4/8
Transfer market
I heard 12 mil was the price of the entire NaVi roster. About individual price, I believe as of today s1mple transfer cost is higher than rain obviously, probably NiKo too (since I believe, but is n...
The future of this world is
I'm not saying you suck dicks, I'm saying Musk is "just" the founder, not the one taking the physical risk of the expedition or the one coming with science solutions (scientists working for him are). ...