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handball girls
Problem with handball girls is one of their slap knocks anyone out
ZywOo = Napoleon Bonaparte
Well, according to dopage in last Russian Olympic, sure.
Vitality punishment
Too bad that was the 2016 and 2020 #2 who issued a ban for cheat, not the #1.
Europeans why are you like this
Isn't being executed on TV what happens to black people in the US on a regular basis? Floyd was for exemple
ZyWOo fans explain
According to what teams get invited by his tournament Flashpoint, I'm not sure Thorin is the right people to speak about team results.
Your profession ?
Retired. Before I was working in investment banking, and before that advisor for the french ministry of economy (which was the current ECB President). In the after high school before univ summer I w...
is it too early to say that
So europe.
s1mple fans instagram
I know people who try to overthrow their government while taking selfies of themselves after losing fair elections. So people being salty on their loss on the internet? Sure why not?
ZywOo 3-peat?
He and his coach claimed his "poor" performances in early 2020 was coz of his top1 title when he "discovered" pressure. So I hope this won't repeat in 2021 and so, he will be a contender for the top o...
Zywoo + major = GOAT?
So it would be 3top 1 in a row and a major vs 4 majors including 3 in a row? As CS:GO is team based I would say it is not enough. But I would understand people thinking otherwise.
Until the news were published I had no idea how it could turns out. As HLTV, the closed ranking ever.
S1mple robbed
A league of its own with only 2 MVP
s1mple #1 CONGRATS
I guess you are a rightist, aren't you?
zywoo top 1
I could be the dad of a lot of hltv users, so don't worry. I'm kind of experienced.
zywoo top 1
Celebrate it is !