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NoA.eoL <3

• ONLINE Accomplishments

-1st Place, KotH XXXI - XXXV, August-Sept.'07
-1st Place, WCG Atlantic Qualifier 2008
-1st Norwegian Community Cup 8/1-7/2/2002
-2nd Place, CAL-Premier Season 18
-3rd Place, Gotfrag Revival Tournament II
-4th Place, CEVO-Intermediate Season 6
-5th/8th Place, Gotfrag Revival Tournament III
-7th Place, CEVO-Main Season 8
-7th/8th Place, Gotfrag Revival Tournament
-7th/8th Place, ESWC USA Qualifier 2008
-8th Place, CEVO-Professional Season 9
-9th/16th, CEVO OCZ 1.6 Tournament

• LAN Accomplishments:

-Won CXG $10k Shootout Match 1/8-1/11/2004 Las Vegas, NV
-1st Place @ GameStation Aug. '05
-1st Place @ GameStation Dec. '06
-1st Place @ Intel 5K CS 1.6 Open Sept. '06
-1st Norwegian CC Cup 6/1-7/1/2002 Online
-1st Gamesphere Tournament 3/27-3/31/2002 Fredrikstad, Norway
-2nd ClikArena $75k 4/20-4/21/2003 Paris, France
-2nd CPL Winter World Championship 12/17-12/21/2004 Dallas, TX
-4th Place @ x3o DOCS Qualifiers 1-4 March-July '08
-4th Place @ Intel 5k CS 1.6 Open (Nationals) Sept. '06
-4th CPL Winter World Championship 12/18-12/22/2002 Dallas, TX
-6th CPL Spain Qualifier 3/7-3/9/2003 Bilbao, Spain
-6th CPL Summer World Championship 7/20-7/24/2002 Dallas, TX
-7th/8th Place @ x3o CS 1.6 Winter Tournament Dec. '07
-9th/12th Place @ x3o DOCS Finals Aug. '08
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Magisk wat
Most likely
Do I really need additional fans ?
Shouldn't be absolutely necessary but if you already got a nice setup like that, you might as well spend another 60 bucks and pickup a few nice and ugly noctua fans and make your parts feel as comfor...
A cat is a dog
any internet/network experts pls?
Now ask yourself the same question, how are random people you met in MM supposed to find "your" IP? They can't unless you played on a private server they control. Now, if you got banned on a public ...
My new Internet / SPEED TEST
Cool, now let's see a direct link to a fresh speed test result ;) ....
NEED esea code i pay skins, right now
careful now.
NEED esea code i pay skins, right now
you can sell your skins and then buy ESEA in the steam market
hltv admins
hltv admins
basically two or more users replying to each others comments with the same nonsense over and over again
hltv admins
I'm sure you can find plenty of other threads to post great memes
hltv admins
I answered him and locked the thread, whats there to explain?
Hltv admins plz help
Reply spam.
NA cops (18+)
Maybe, but most likely the cop would just tell him to stay back. On top of that he would have potentially put his own life in danger by doing so. Just imagine backup arrived the second he decides to...
NA cops (18+)
It got removed just minutes ago, here is another link.