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dunnow maybe bad day. and what i stated really triggers me alot.
unlike many of ur people who have 2 passports (one turkish / one german) to avoid being drawn to the turkish military but still be able to vote for fckin erdolf if they live in germany, polish people ...
Best rapper
google alpha blondy.
feel so sorry for you pro
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implying its colombian mafia and there will never be a cagefight. he is baiting u in there and then bam bam gunshot in your head. i repeat again: dont argue with colombia mens
How to use Aim_botz
i would rather not mess with colombia my friend. they will murder you, sniff cocain from your rotten skull and bury ur remains deep down in the jungle. no traces of you will ever be found. be wise and...
so funny. i had that with danish ppl. but most toxic are the guys from UK. those fckin lads with their cocky attitude and their lame accent ;)
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very friendly of you toxic german
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"THE PROBLEM"? dude give him some time. he is fresh young talent.
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how could u think -frozen +nbk?
taz never destroyed vp. if they had just kicked botneo and added michu it would be fine, skillwise. with taz gone vp lost their face and their best spokersperson (along funny papa). i really loved tha...
4 MAJORS > 87-0
U know what goat means yes?
Imagine how awkward if ence win major
Dude i am on your side defending Ukraine against the filthy finns and u stab me in my back. Not cool men)))
Imagine how awkward if ence win major
Ukranian girls so hawt bruh.
Imagine how awkward if ence win major
Ukranian girls so hawt bruh.