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[+18] gangbang question
Made my day
Is she 10/10?
would u rather
I Like Ur bravery. Dont meme too close to the Sun though young memecarus
they can't fckin do it. even though I was a great fan of the old vp roster byali is dead for like 2 years. even when people said he is the only decent performer for a long period of time he is just co...
Black people
Tjey cant be african americans here, u get that right... Unless they migrate from the us to Europe
Black people
I think USA is considered as part of the "Western world" alongside Europe ')
Neo "TwoFaced" Kubski
what bitch is byali to upload this/show this on stream so it can be screenshotted ... weow...
Top 5 books?
good night fellas. got to read something ;)
Top 5 books?
#152 the airforce thingy, I dint know as well. but id consider it a sci-fi classic
Top 5 books?
loved the movie swell but its rather plump compared to the book. the book is more about the political system and their philosophy/ideology and what the conflict against the bugs is doing to the human ...
Top 5 books?
true story. Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein this is another really dope one which I would rate higher than "It" by Stephen king. its a short one aswell ;)
Top 5 books?
yeah I just read it. I just read one of ur posts above I can recommend another one which I forgot. Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein
Top 5 books?
I think its kinda harsh to value my life against 50 dollars. but ill hope you enjoy it the same why I did :)
Top 5 books?
10/10. its by far the best series I've read. as my list probably suggests I've wasted a lot of time reading tons of fantasy novels. if u are into Stephen kings slow approach in developing characters a...
Top 5 books?
The dark tower 1-8 Stephen king Hyperin & endimion Dan brown Ilium & Olympos Dan brown IT stephen King H. P. Lovecraft in General