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sad FAZE and Olof
I wouldnt call it a fluke. They were performing well before then. Getting to finals and top 4s. After the major it was clear that Ska started to be complacent and it made stew mad. I think they could ...
sad FAZE and Olof
Instead of Jdm, I'd reach out to smooya or pasha first. Jdm showed he was getting back in form but it wasnt against the greatest teams. Imo jdm has to prove himself more before I'd risk a top team get...
C9 fix
Auti Nifty (Depending on what role hes in could be replaceable) Wardell Daps Fugly The problem with NA right now is there isn't many good entrys or site anchors left.
No Golden was listed as a player, Zellsis as the coach. Meaning Golden has the spot.. just because he didnt play doesnt matter. You need 3/5 PLAYERS. The 5 man lineup was Auti, Rush, flusha, Golden an...
Golden was marked as a player but didnt play so he still counts..
NA why so quiet
They are three Brazilians and 2 Americans... Swag is a stand in so he doesn't count. Dead meme
G2 vs HellRaisers
I feel like people are sleeping on G2.. theyve been boot camping like TL i feel like this major is going to go to G2 or TL.. We havent seen them in so long i feel they are going to come in so fresh an...
I was saying if people had a choice they'd unban then and bank sub.. but we don't make that choice
You're still thinking some sort of VAC system.. On lan the tournament host provides the PCs.. they have full control over it. They can record whatever they feel.. you can have the software That is ope...
Why hasn't ex-ibp been unbanned? Because people don't make the decisions
That was before CS got huge and there was prize pools this big.. It's not hard to understand. If the tournament host cares enough, you can't hack on lan
I did and nothing came up
It's not naive. It's called not being stupid lol. If the tournament hose is smart, you can't hack on lan
Any hack requires software. You just record the software that's open and review it. Its pretty simple. You can't hack without having open software. You can't hack on lan, you can get away with it onl...
No I know more about IT then any pro lol. They know how to play. That's it