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Poland WTF
I mean its a logical move
I Rate Music - A Critical Viewpoint
I will r8 your pet
i had a blind but cute Guinea pig that sadly died month ago
What to do at a party?
Just drink some alcohol but know your limits, id say 3 beers is the ideal number if u are having a big party with many strangers, but if u drink only with your close friends then id say u can go wild....
Winter jacket.
this looks awesome would buy it def but im broke af
top 5 AWPers current
Gratisfaction ????? HELLO!?
Hxh best anime out there, FMAB is also decent. Try kimi no nawa if u like movies. Steins gate is also really good.
The witcher?!?
Either way i think that henry cavill will do a great job at playing geralt as he is really into witcher story and is surely one of the better actors out there.
The witcher?!?
I mean they are surely trying the best to balance these two factors , if actor doesnt look THAT similar to the original character but will play his role good then im okay with that, sure if the actor ...
imagine watching naruto which is the worst and saying anime is bad, try hunterxhunter or Full metal alchemist brotherhood they are much better. Kimi no nawa is also the best movie ive ever watched
The witcher?!?
I dont care about look of the actor as long as he will do great job at playing role
im dying????
Lmao its me for the past like a month or so i sleep 9 hours then i wake up fucking freezing to death and tired, i drink cofffe but still doesnt do much i go to university then i come back 3 hour nap h...
girls with short hair
The thing is girls with short hair that look good would look even better with longer hair. So it all depends on the face after all
Need girl advice
Ive had like 3 crushes and i didnt have the balls to ask anyone out yet or share my feelings, i later found that 2 of them where dating some fat boring pricks i ofc regret it now, im handsome and cute...
Being fat and attractive
Very famous rapper, dunno if its a bait or u actually lived under a rock for a year