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Sex education
Is the show based on lies? no, there is just much hyperbole used to show the teenage problems, i honestly liked the show cuz of it.
Sex education
yeah it was an okay show, nothing special but def worth watching
Golden sticker
Because it doesnt work like that who cares about him tbh
3:0 Renegades Ez pick
lmao no one said that renegades will even qualify now suddenly everyone has them on 3-0, i smell photoshop
Make a TOP30 team with players from ur country!
Is that dizzy the guy who is literally top 1 in apex legends rn? i know he had some history with csgo and he retired
Katowice a bit ugly??
Because its based on russian architecture no wonder why it looks bad, but some places look really nice in warsaw
round 2 predictions
round 2 predictions
NRG >>> ViCi C9 > TyLuL ENCE > G2 NIP > RNG Fnatic > Winstrike FURIA > AVANGAR
Asian dominance in IEM Katowice
yeah for sure, they wont qualify nor def "dominate" lmao they will bomb out with 0-3 or 1-3 as always, that one win was lucky shit it happens
Guys, tall or short girls?
def short girls but not too short tho
Cutest csgo player
My friends partying
its not too late to party man, its never too late
apex legends might actually end csgo
its really good game indeed, but i dont see it killing csgo but it will def kill fortnite and pubg for some time, cant wait for new weapons and legends for this game. Im really hyped up about this gam...
steam sale!?!?
if young metro dont trust u im gon shoot you
Netflix - What to watch?
House md def best tv series ive ever watched, i dunno if its on netflix tho, but u should find every episode online easy