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I think they should have at least put the post credit scene from captain marvel in the film as she just suddenly appears with no explanation at the start
and if they saw him cross
Give me your FaZe fixes #2
ropz dosen't mind because hes playing with chrisJ now, oskar left under mutual agreement with the org (and he later said he was considering a break) and if sunny didn't care he would probably in this ...
the most powerful eras in CS:GO
*shortly after magisk joining
Give me your FaZe fixes #2
sunny clearly has a huge ego too as its fairly obvious that hes the one that wanted chrisj and styko gone from mousesports so I think there might be a bit of a clash, especially under a possible hampu...
MIBR still gonna play Showmatch
no astralis was in the final, faze chose north (same result though, home team got picked)
Best aimer on this planet
not sure if its speed up but it looks like theres lots of small cuts
this is just straight up painful
I've had olives with seeds in them...
liquid doping
What else am I supposed to use? google docs...pffft
liquid doping
Its funny you say this as VAC monitors the movement of your mouse between any 2 points. If you have been doping your mouse movement will be more sporadic and VAC as the most superior anti cheat will d...
Major final casters
I hope for vince sadokist spunj tri-cast
Legends Stage Pick'Em
I'd argue renegades but it's definitely not an easy choice. I wouldn't think people were too crazy if they thought someone like liquid or mibr would not go through.
Legends Stage Pick'Em
I was talking about faze my bad