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Heroic vs North
this will be the death of North
gamble addicted shitters on hltv
fan of allu lmao
Nemiga vs Windigo Academy
windigo academy wont be winning because their main team is invited to the league....... so obviously the academy team wont be allowed to attend aswell....... dunno why this scam match is being played
NoChance vs Nemiga
wtf was that? spend 40 seconds with a bomb site clear and doesn't plant and rota a straight into the arms of the two remaining cts.........
BIG Keev
Its possible for newbies and he would have been fare beyong that stage.. anyway its obviously a troll post :D
BIG Keev
No it not... the amout of fat he has to lose is actully insane.. he is prolly at 40-45% body fat... and now around what? 10-12%? or less? I don't think.. and you cant lose fat and gain muscles..
BIG Keev
that is just so fucking fake or else he use something illegal... is body is big and fat before that... losing so much weight and gaining that massive muscles in 1 year... I dont think so :D
Teams you dislike
every team attending the minor + all teams who are that tier or lower... and then i hate MIBR aswell..........
anywhere else is better i guess :D
I honestly think faze intentionally lost just so they can go back home
Honestly this make me doubt if it was the players who fixed that match or if it was ibp... looking at this event and the budget, i think it was ibp who ordered that fix for skins
Ghost vs FaZe
why the fuck is nobody streaming this shit? dont even need a fucking caster they are useless and so is the sound anyway.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha they had a good honeymoon period, but cadian is obviously not material for anything else then tier 3 or NA CS... his IGL is dogshit, his aim is dogshit, he is holding b in worst possible way leav...
v4lde record breaker?
what is most impressive is that he didn't hunt for kills or took any high risk to make the record.. he played for his team and to win safely.... WP