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Stewie2K racism
Please tell me what bm is, what did stewie do?
Stewie2K racism
What is bm? I missed it, dunno what happened, only saw xizt spamming stewie's dead body.
Most Average Player Ever
Pros cheating
How angry and insecure u have to be to suppose pros are cheating. What a sad life.
174cm almost 18 yo
196 cm here, and i have to bow my head down every fucking room i dont feel bad.
Is this a good PC?
why do u think? im honestly asking because im planning to buy a laptop and im deciding between 1050 and 1050ti.
Nip truth. (it hurts)
Fuck, was it that long ago? I was convinced they won 2017 and 2018, but i just checked and it is indeed 2016 and 2017...prolly should smoke less.
Nip truth. (it hurts)
Maybe a couple years will go by, you will get older and don't have a heart attack but actually laugh as well at a similar scenario. Honestly, I was angry and felt very disappointed the whole map cause...
Nip truth. (it hurts)
Didn't say they can be top1, not right now, but saying they are not motivated and playing only for salary is utter bullshit. Lekro and Rez are relatively young, not part of the old team, they obviousl...
Nip truth. (it hurts)
Ur talking like nip hasnt won anything in years, wile they won Oakland less than a year ago...wut losing mentality r u talking about?
Nip truth. (it hurts)
They just made the top8 at the major. They are top10 team in a scene where there are way more better teams than a couple years ago. They lost to Astralis, who are at least a level above everyone else,...
Last hope of EU
Just becaue he's not playing out of his mind every game, doesn't mean he's not playing well, but u hltv kids like to bash on everyone who's not consistently word class. Only bad game he had was agains...
Last hope of EU
"Shit on most maps", "Non-essential", i'm starting to wonder if maybe we speak a different english, like words have different meanings....1.278, he was actually the highest rated within his team again...
Last hope of EU
R u saying simple is not playing well? Just checked his stats, he has an overall rating of 1.278 this event. I'd say that's pretty good.
Last hope of EU
I don't even know when exactly London was, I'm talking on a scale of years, not months. NRG maybe ranked in top5 at the moment, that's only because the season haven't properly started yet. But here is...