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Major Qualifier Prediction
this actually seems good and not biased
Word Cup qualifiers
still they're okay tier 2 teams, while trinidad, panama and honduras are tier 4+
Mad bettors (how many of you know some of them)
I'll fook u up
the feeling is mutual
Best players of your country ?
Coldzera football player?
you're even ashamed to show your homo erectus non-evolved people flag, mr world, how ashamed must you feel :/
Muting and sending team message bind
isn't it voice_enable 1 0, and that bind has been here since cs go came out
Coldzera football player?
wow, clearly better than pele, he still has a shot, chelsea should invite him to play for their u23 team
i rate your pet peeve
yeah but in this case literally noone thinks she's pretty she's literally ugly
Word Cup qualifiers
still you lost to a 3rd world country that's been independent for 40 years lol
Word Cup qualifiers
you don't know that, we finished first in a group with wales and ireland, not saying those teams are tier1 but still better than panama, honduras, mexico, trinidad and most importantly you who lost to...
Emperor DaZeD has no clothes
goddammit, 24 hours without a ban and now i'm in danger of getting banned again lol
Emperor DaZeD has no clothes
just edit it lul
Emperor DaZeD has no clothes
it's actually a tale by some danish writer, forgot which one, emperor's new clothes
Emperor DaZeD has no clothes
well richard lewis put him in that spot by making an article on their throw which fucked him up, big time