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if mibr becomes the best in the world again, I hang myself
And I'll livestream it. Brazil has ruined cs and make me cut my wrists. The only way to save me is for all Brazilians to quit cs forever.
Should Faze cut Olof????
YES time for him to retire tbh he's won his majors and made his money.
uhhhhh Auti (like i said best player to ever play in NA, 2 million IQ player) Naf (Very good player) CeRq (The kid is NUTS) even though he is playing like shit rn daps (I think he is best IGL NA) Breh...
This game makes me want to kms SO BAD.........................................
awful team LOL nitro- not an IGL LOL Twistzzz- actually good Auti- best player NA has ever had Stewie- AWFUL SO OVERRATED LOL Brehze- actually good player Ethan- also overrated- not as awful as stewie...
FURIA vs compLexity
Shahzeb Khan is and always will be the reason that coL can't be a top team. He sucks ass and is SO inconsistent. I hope he either gets kicked finally or kills himself because he's a giant nerd who suc...
eUnited vs INTZ
-Marke he sucks ass
-daps and -ethan
-ethan for sure, dont listen to these retards... daps is best igl NA don't @ me +auti He's the best player to ever play in NA dont @ me
I am depressed
you'll be aight
gla1ve cringe retard LOL
So mad ROFL. Cry is free
Astralis vs Cloud9
time for flusha to retire
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
s1mple SOOOOO overrated rofl
Teams that will go 0-3/1-3
if coL don't 0-3 I riot. They suck ass
Top overrated players
Fuck this guy, classic s1mple fanboy. S1mple is EASILY the most overrated baiter to ever play cs. Been following since 2006. The best players in the world win majors, simply put. Inb4 ZyWoo and sergej...
Agreed. Fuck china