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GG.BET Official Q&A
and one more question why u dont have skin deposit option anymore and is it legal ? regards
GG.BET Official Q&A
I have few questions 1,What are best esporst betting markets in Europe? 2.Which games are most betted games from your experience? 3.You mentioned that Malta License have some blacklisted countries wh...
s1mple HLTV
in cs:go u can just be good aimer and be at pro scene. at 1.6 that was not possible honestly. btw i was pro 1.6 ,now i was playing with pros at cs:go and i can tell you if i had time for that i coul...
s1mple HLTV
you are deluded if u think cs:go is harder than 1.6 pls take back this words
Horrible ppl, RIP Avicii
very true,he has a lot of reasons to live. he was also philanthropist. big loss.
188 bet
yea but just imagine if u bet 1000 euros and win 70 or even more :D but lets say u find 5 games each day like me and win 7 to 10 euros per game.that makes me 50 euros per day,which is 1500 month u ...
188 bet
hola browser babe :P
188 bet
bro u have sure bet which means u can bet 100 euros on both teams and win 107. just calculate odds if u have two different opinions on two bookmakers :P
188 bet
real odds should be lets say faze astralis 2.1 1.65 fnatic nip 1.5 2.32 something like this what a bad odds makers :D
188 bet
and u have sure bet 2.1 odd on fnatic 188 bet 2.1 odd on NIP ggbet thank me later,go make easy money fellas
Valiance @ 5.50 odds
hope for my boys ,it would be huge confidence boost for them
k1to calling felps a monkey in FPL
he apologised and this should be reason to be kicked from fpl. they are joking always but its okay maybe felps not for jokes,he was not serious
USA terrorists!?
and u have evidence for that? no you dont do you have evidence that assad gass his own country? no you dont so lets not use evidence as argument in this discussion.
USA terrorists!?
if you are now trying to be funny,you are not. good night
USA terrorists!?
all sources are shit,i have friends there,they told me everything is fine there except they have to fear from some fireworks last night,but it was fine it was just trump sending regards from democracy...