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NiP fans
And Faze fans are one the worst, not only soo young, but also being plastic fan glory hunters
+1 SK downfall began with them thinking they must play inferno in every game XD
NiP fans
Actually NiP has fans are one the best fan bases I've seen, lower amount of toxic people (compared to other teams). Astralis was good too but after them being absolute #1 their fans have become too pr...
NiP fans
+1 Every team has a level of toxic fans, fake flagger trying to trigger people and .... (Except that the level is much higher for mibr)
Best rpg you ever played
+1 I agree Mass effect 3 was good too, except for the ending, at least I loved it. And also the gameplay was sooooo good that it could be an awesome series just as a shooter game.
Best rpg you ever played
+1 Seeing the effect of your actions in next games was amazing
Do you know why Real never sacks Benzema?
Fun tournament
Dignitas would win ez :/
Games to play.
Games I loved (Not new ones) Dead Space Trilogy Mass Effect Trilogy Hotline Miami 1 and 2 The Wolf Among Us
That site had a feature to turn off pics in messages thankfully, I was safe XD
Uhum I agree, most of CIS people end up speaking English somewhat like him, but its not something you cant improve, and as he is an international figure I really think he should try to improve it over...
I used to laugh at old guys trying to get dirty, and at the same time I felt bad for them too There were many other fakes messaging pretending to be lesbians XDD And in my whole career there 1 real le...
I had a fake female acc in one site under the name of Lizz, so many guys and old men tried to flirt and got excited if I answered their messages I dont really regret it it was fun
Dlore giveaway if astralis wins the major
Ty ty I'd be content with the vulcan too :D
avangar 3-0
Good luck